Critical Theory, which originates with the Frankfurt School of social theory, is an approach to creating a form of self-reflective knowledge to increase understanding to reduce entrapment in systems of domination or dependence, obeying the emancipatory interest in expanding the scope of autonomy and reducing the scope of domination.

So, if the dominant social/cultural form imposes rules and perspectives from a particular individual or group through the use of a form of Critical Theory, then Critical Theory implies individuals should use Critical Theory to deconstruct that implementation to undermine the dominant group’s use of Critical Theory.

Specifically, I find that certain globalist elites who want to redesign the world economy and world society to serve their own interests use so-called “intellectuals” as useful idiots who use Critical Theory to tear down present structures to reduce resistance to the radical transformation.  If only these intellectuals would deconstruct their own use of Critical Theory.


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